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Training & Coaching

Our offer in the field of Training & Coaching

In the field of Training and Coaching we have achieved numerous successes during the last years.
Our highlights:

More than 2200 active conducted webinars and VCT’s

Training and placement of qualified VCT-trainers

Planning, realization, development and performance of seminar cycles

In the field of further training, we offer our clients a broad portfolio. We train participants in the areas of communication, team building, personnel and sales as well as technology. In the field of technology, we primarily target manufacturers and car dealerships - the technology training usually revolves around the introduction of new products or product updates. The point here is to communicate the technical innovations to your employees in such a way that they can explain the technical details in understandable language to the end customer. We plan for you both the complete construction of individual seminars as well as entire seminar cycles. We are happy to plan an individual training for you according to your wishes - but you can also arrange trainings for a certain topic or combine individual aspects of different topics:

  • Communication | Communication as a management tool | Foreign and Self-Perception | Ability to Motivate
  • Teambuilding | Promote team success | Build and increase trust | Recognition of potential conflict
  • Personnel | Employee loyality | Employee motivation | Conflict Management
  • Sales | Sales Training at the Point of Sales | How is my customer “ticking” | Time Management
  • Technology | Product launches | Product Updates | Interactive knowledge transfer technology

Upon request, we train your own trainers, in order to enable them to manage the training themselves or we implement the entire process with our skilled coaches for you. Equally possible is a training seminar for the training of your trainers in the field of online training - here, your classroom trainers will be taught how to communicate their knowledge to the participants efficiently and sustainably as part of an online training. Learn more about qualifying as an online trainer here.

Whether live on site, face-to-face or virtually - we develop, process and carry out online seminars customized specifically to your requirements.

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