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Mini-Online-Assessment-Center / Mini-Assessment - MAXI effect!

Your advantages:

  • Finding the best suitable employees
  • Binding qualified employees to the company
  • Developing employees specifically
  • Recognizing leadership in the company’s own ranks
  • Recognition of development potential
Possible applications:
  1. Employee search and selection, internal and external
  2. Potential detection, internal and external
  3. Management development
  • You have found the right new employee (m/f) or would like to develop one of your employees, but you would like to have an additional decision-making aid, you can create a decision-making base with our MOAC!
  • You would like to know more about the applicant, but a workshop or a trial day can only be realized with great effort, then use one of our MOAC and you will learn a lot more about the applicant!
  • Setting up an assessment center for one or two candidates (m/f) is not worth it? Correct, exactly for such situations, our MOACs have been developed and offer you a perfect solution!
Take advantage of our mini-online assessment center and learn more!

Personal interests and values

With this diagnostic method, you determine the strengths and weaknesses, the personal interests and values as well as the development potentials of executives, employees and possible new employees. On the one hand, this creates transparency and objectivity in the selection of personnel, but it also relates to the specific requirements. In case of internal applications, our Mini-Online Assessment Center also clarifies whether the internal applicant (m/f) has the necessary qualifications which he (or she) needs for the position.

The complexity of human action

Our Mini-Online Assessment Center is able to reduce the complexity of human activities to the factors that are crucial for the long-term, successful use of the right employees, and as independent as possible of the “stomach feeling” and the possible "nasal factor" of the decision maker or the HR managers.

Our mini-online assessment center prevents you of wrong decisions.

What is behind our MOAC?

Behind our Mini Online Assessment Center is a diagnostic tool which is now used in 35 countries, 16 languages and around 20 target group-specific variants for the analysis of values, behavior and competencies. It is already utilized more than 6.5 million times in about 100 000 companies, including IBM, Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Munich Re and Sony.
Our Mini-Online Assessment Center is realized with the diagnostic tools of INSIGHTS MDI®.

With INSIGHTS MDI® diagnostic tools, an extensive, scientifically-based toolkit (MDI stands for Management Development Instruments) is available, which enables companies to hire the right employees, to use their strengths in the sense of business success and to staff them efficiently as well as to form powerful teams at all hierarchical levels.

In Germany, the INSIGHTS MDI® diagnostic tools are offered exclusively by INSIGHTS MDI International® Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary of SCHEELEN® AG, and their certified licensed partners - professional trainers, consultants and coaches.

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