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Webinars & VCTs
Sales Training

The sales training division includes both the numerous classic train-of-sales training courses at the dealership as well as complex online training courses for the market launch of new products in order to allow a specific training for a large number of sales representatives all over Germany at the same time. We did this training on behalf of Harley Davidson. A brief description of the project as well as the feedback from the Regional Training Manager EMEA of Harley Davidson Europe Ltd. can be found on this page. In addition, here are some more project descriptions that represent a small excerpt from the projects that we have successfully planned and implemented over the last 20 years. Various projects are a hybrid of technical and sales training, as the increase in sales is often coupled with a deeper understanding of technology. This is because a successful sales argumentation in the automotive sector is based on the easy-to-understand communication of technical innovations. That's why you'll find some of our projects in both Technique Training and Sales Training. This includes our project for Harley Davidson.
Training type:
Sales Training - Virtual Classroom Trainings (VCTs)
Challenge: preparation of all Chevrolet salesmen for different product launches (Orlando, Spark, Aveo, Cruze, Malibu, Captiva and others)

Project schedule: The introduction of new products is usually a very costly and therefore equally expensive endeavor - especially when it comes to several product launches, whose content must be taught more than 1500 participants. In order to reduce these costs and still be able to ensure efficient knowledge transfer, in this case, too, Mr. Domsel was entrusted with the planning and implementation of a Virtual Classroom Training (VCT), which was developed in close cooperation with the respectively responsible product managers. The goal was, to prepare the participants for a one-time live training, during which they should get to know the new products. In order to ensure that all participants have achieved a consistent level of knowledge, learning checks were carried out at the end of the training.

Conclusion: The virtual pre-performance made it possible for the participants to have only one day of live training to get to know each new product. This not only meant a significant cost savings, but also a much shorter travel time for the sales staff.

Training type:
Sales Training - Virtual Classroom Trainings (VCTs) + Launch

Challenge: product launch of Chevrolet VOLT

Project schedule: Due to his many years of experience in the automotive industry, Mr. Domsel was entrusted with the preparation and delivery of Virtual Classroom trainings for the market launch of the Chevrolet VOLT and, in the course of this, with the launch of the product. The main tasks were to discover the target audience, to communicate the driving experience and to have a basic understanding of the technology used and the development of sales arguments.

Conclusion: The combination of online and live training proved to be extremely fruitful in conveying the knowledge required for market introduction and enabled the participants to successfully launch the product on the market.
Training type:
Sales Training - Face-to-face training

Challenge: Coaching of handpicked SEAT dealers for the fleet customers business

Project schedule: In order to support commercial customer dealers actively in the development of new business in the commercial environment, a live training directly at the point of sale was chosen in consultation with SEAT Germany: This approach made it possible to actively involve the individual sales staff in the event and to help with this and other issues. theoretically to develop and practically test the following points: target group definition, creation of target company list within the sales area, first contact with the target companies, documentation in the in-house CRM system, acquisition / direct approach, support and active support during sales talks up to contract conclusion.

Conclusion: The participants not only benefited from Mr. Domsel's theoretical knowledge, but also from his active support on the ground: Through his years of sales experience and his excellent skills in cold calling, he not only taught knowledge, but also demonstrated it in real situations: this led to qualified leads which led to an added value for the respective dealers, which went far beyond the actual training.
Training type:
Sales Training - Online Training

Challenge: Preparation of the market launch for Opel Ampera

Project schedule: Following the successful completion of the on-line market preparation of the Chevrolet VOLT, Mr. Domsel was commissioned to also design an online training session for the launch of the Opel Ampera. Here, too, Mr. Domsel was confronted with the challenge of bringing the participants closer to new technology in general and to the specifics of the new product. This included the teaching of new lines of argument to ensure sales success.

Conclusion: As part of this project, the trading partners were also able to prepare for the distribution of the new product, enabling them to present it competently and respond to customer queries in a sovereign manner.
Training type:
Sales Training - Online Training
Challenge: Model change - synchronous communication of technical novelties

Project schedule: To increase the sales figures, all Harley Davidson dealers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland were to be made familiar with the latest technical modalities at the same time as the model year change. Therefore, a way had to be found to transfer the efficiency of the previously performed live trainings to an online seminar. Direction and conception were handled by Mario Domsel, who prepared the content of the live training sessions in a digital way - including the involvement of a Harley Davidson technician and all the product managers of the individual lines during the entire online training were. So Mr. Domsel was able to lead through the training, while for specific technical questions the experts were available. This procedure ensured a fast and efficient know-how transfer and saved not only time, but also costs.

Conclusion: The online training was rated positively by the participants - This success led to the fact that at company Harley Davidson online seminars are held to this day.

Hello Mr. Domsel,
Thanks again for your very professional implementation. Although I've only seen half a session, I find that you are very easy and confident with our dealers.
This is also reflected in the feedback. Sometimes, just do it. This is such a case.
I am also looking forward to our continued cooperation.
... And we can get it with the right bike.
Many greetings,
Jörg Schmidt
Regional Training Manager EMEA

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