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Training & Coaching
Personnel development with our unique training concept
Train & Drive

Train & Drive is a communication training that can be carried out with different thematic focuses (including sales, team building, staff leadership). In addition, we also like to discuss individual topic requests or take into account specific problems that we work through with participants during the training. Since we tailor the training exclusively to a client, we can fully comply with the wishes of our clients in the design of this individual seminar.

Regardless of the focus, the main emphasis of the training is to identify communication patterns. Because just like driving a car for experienced drivers, communication is usually automatic and subconscious. However, even the most seasoned driver can stumble on unknown routes. When driving, the navigation system helps in such situations - but who supports us when we encounter unknown territory in terms of communication?

In order to be immune to such situations, the participants are taught how to develop an internal navigation system that guides them unerringly through various conversation situations with a wide variety of conversation partners. This includes in a first step, to familiarize the participants with self-perception and external perception in order to subsequently train them in recognizing behavioral patterns and decision-making structures.

We do not just talk about communication - just as a seasoned motorist has gained experience in practice, so we give guidance to the participants in practice, too. Through the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, the seminar topics anchor themselves in long-term memory and can be implemented as a new routine in everyday working life.
The participants do not gain practical experience in the seminar room, but rather during practical exercises in the off-road area (on request also on a race track).

The resulting dynamics and the uniqueness of the concept ensure that your employees will remember this training for at least five years and will profit sustainably in their daily work. This is also ensured by the extensive practical experience of our trainers:

Mario Domsel | Trainer & Coach, Interims-Manager, VCT-Trainer and VCT-Instructor, Personnel Consultant
Together with his team, Mario Domsel has been supporting manufacturers, importers and automotive companies in sales processes, as well as in the field of personnel search and development since 1998. He has already carried out face-to-face and online trainings on technology and sales for numerous well-known automobile manufacturers, as well as numerous automobile launches.

Susanna Domsel | Personnel Consultant, Personnel Development, Interims-Managerin international
Susanna Domsel is an accredited INSIGHTS MDI® consultant and occupies her vacancies with her team primarily in the construction, distribution, IT and automotive sectors. For 2 ½ years she was in charge of Autodrom Most as interim manager and was among others responsible for establishing a sales structure in the German market.

Kai Riemer | Race Driver, Motorsport expert

Kai Riemer has been active in racing since 1992 and competed in races for Renault, VW, but also Porsche or McLaren. For Porsche, he became chief instructor in Leipzig in 2005, where he was responsible for the Porsche Sport Driving School. Today he delights as a freelance motorsport expert and offers his experience in coaching and communication internationally.

Training example

Theoretical part (morning)

  • Explanation of the INSIGHTS MDI® wheel based on various case studies
  • Recognition of your own communication patterns
  • Perception, 5 senses, behaviors
  • Lead employees without conflict
  • Promote employee targeted
  • Employee motivation

Dynamic driving part (afternoon)
  • Driving blindfolded (Overcoming Responsibilities)
  • Drive to roadbook (destination and order)
  • Geocoaching, GPS, data
  • Time trial on track or circuit (not the fastest or the fastest team wins, but the team with the most consistent performance)
  • Training as a challenge (team building, leadership, delegation skills, building trust)


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