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Automobile Launch

Whether planning and implementation of a launch or support of entire sales projects: In addition to personnel consulting & coaching, sales is our passion.

We are well-known in the automotive and automotive sector - our first successful training at the point of sale was an individual and team coaching in car dealerships.

In addition, we also actively support long-term sales projects on request - until recently, we supported and represented the sales activities in Germany of the Autodrom Most, a race track in the Czech Republic.

Enclosed you will find an excerpt of our implemented launches

Challenge: Market launch of 2008 & EXPERT for approximately 1800 participants

Project schedule: Trainings for the theoretical introduction of new products, including the practical implementation during the actual market launch, require a high degree of responsibility - market launches usually devour high 7-digit amounts. Mr. Domsel is aware of this responsibility and places great emphasis on the meticulous planning, organization and execution of these trainings. The content of the training included not only an explanation of interesting innovations but also a presentation of the market analysis, in order to make it clear to the participants what potential is offered to them and to convey to them in a further step how to deal with this potential. In close coordination with the event agency responsible for the venues, four different locations were chosen to give the training an event character. As this project involved several simultaneous attendance sessions, Mr. Domsel was also responsible for the search, selection and education of the trainers for the presence training. After compiling all relevant information he also prepared the specific training content - including both the material for the trainers as well as for the participants. In collaboration with the selected trainers, the final conceptual design of the workshops was prepared and finalized, and the implementation of these workshops was then adapted to the specific circumstances of the different locations.

Conclusion: Due to the long-time experience in the sector “product launch”, it was possible to meet the requirements of the manufacturer and to achieve the training goal. The selected and pre-coordinated team was able to arouse enthusiasm for the new products, which led to a good sales start, as the sales figures proved. Due to the professionalism in planning and implementation, Mr. Domsel was also involved in the subsequent product launch.

Challenge: Product launch of 3008 & Traveller for approximately 1800 participants

Project schedule: During the planning, organization and execution of this product launch, the challenge was that the Peugeot 3008 had a lot of new features and the Peugeot Traveller was a completely new product in the Peugeot product family. In the preparation, this meant that much more information than usual had to be collected and processed accordingly. This large amount of information had to be presented so compact that it could be conveyed successfully within the framework of a one and a half day workshop.

Conclusion: In order to meet the specific requirements of this project, the workshops consisted of static and subsequent interactive components. While a part of these components were primarily intended to ensure the transfer of knowledge, the other part should actively make this newly acquired knowledge available, through dynamic driving workshops. The chosen approach was met with great enthusiasm and passion by the participants, which also reflected in the market launch: the targeted sales figures were not only reached very quickly, but were also exceeded.
Challenge: Product launch of Jumpy, C-Elysee and Spacetourer for approximately 900 participants

Project schedule: After the extraordinarily successful product launches for the sister company Peugeot, Mario Domsel and his team were also entrusted with the introduction of the Jumpy, the C-Elysee and the Spacetourer. As before, it was necessary to prepare salespersons for trade by becoming familiar with the new products. In addition, due to overlaps, the challenge was that the team had to be expanded; due to the long-standing market presence of Domsel Consulting in the automotive sector and the appropriate network, however, this challenge was easily overcome. The launch took place at three different locations, which is why the trainings as well as the driving dynamics were adapted to the situation of the respective location.

Conclusion: Together with the well-established team of Domsel Consulting, the experienced trainers were able to bring the salespersons closer to the new products and thus show the market possibilities. The successful execution of this order led to another order for a further market launch.

Challenge: Preparation for product launch C-3 and E-Mehari in Spain

Project schedule: At the request of the client, the introduction of the C-3 and the E-Mehari should take place in Spain. Thus, the specific challenges that a product introduction entailed, other aspects that had to be considered such as the good accessibility by plane and the easy arrival to the accommodation. In addition, the hotel was not too far from the location and had to be equipped with enough beds and training rooms for a period of four weeks. The preparations for the different trainings were made in Germany and then adapted within a very short time after arrival at the location in Spain.

Conclusion: Although there was no way to visit the location in advance, the on-site adaptation was quick and easy, thanks to the preparation measures, so that the developed training modules could be successfully implemented in practice.

Challenge: Launch training for Saab 9-5

Project schedule: A hand-picked group of trading partners should be given the opportunity to get to know the new Saab 9-5. For this purpose it was possible to explore the vehicle live at various locations in the Federal territory of Germany, as well as to gain experience with the new model during extensive test drives. This interactive training was supplemented by technical information which is relevant for sales discussions.

Conclusion: In an extremely small market which is difficult to access for Saab, a product launch with event characteristics should be carried out. However, due to Domsel Consulting's many years of experience, it was possible to meet both the requirements of the client and the dealers and sellers to make this event a complete success. Unfortunately, however, the manufacturer has decided to discontinue production of the 9-5 shortly after its market launch.
Various launches for Opel (Meriva B, Karl, Adam, Insignia, Astra, and many others)
& Chevrolet Germany (Orlando, Spark, Aveo, Cruze, Malibu, Captiva, and many others)

Project schedule: With different teams, consisting of 5 to 15 trainers, the launches of various new models were strategically planned and prepared in such a way that the process developed can be communicated as efficiently as possible during a workshop. This included the creation and revision of PowerPoint presentations, the incorporation of static and dynamic competitive comparisons, the development of sales arguments and the skillful staging of products to increase sales.

Conclusion: Mr. Domsel always received excellent ratings from the participants due to his high level of expertise in the automotive field and his excellent ability to communicate.

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