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Autodrom Most

Sales Project Autodrom Most


Establishment of a sales structure for the German market including support of German and English-speaking business and end customers

Project schedule
In order to gain a foothold in the German market, Mrs. Domsel put together a team of six specialists, who undertook various tasks. First, the Czech documents had to be translated for the German market. These included contracts, terms and conditions, company regulations, press releases, customer presentations, invitations, flyers and much more. After translation of all relevant documents, the targeted approach of racing teams, event agencies, vehicle manufacturers, sponsors and clubs followed, in order to increase the awareness of the Autodrom. In addition to telephone contact, various customer databases have been created to provide regular updates on the Autodrom news. These included, for example, the promotion of events, innovations on the track or new service offers, which are aimed exclusively at racing teams.

In order to increase the attractiveness for German-speaking end customers, cooperation with travel agencies, ticket agencies and incentive agencies were also negotiated and corresponding cooperation agreements prepared. In addition to the processing of general customer correspondence, the focus was primarily on active customer support for business customers - these were supported both in brainstorming and in the concrete planning of their events. Following this, tailor-made contracts, invoices and payment receipt were designed according to their wishes. After completion of the event, the customer satisfaction and translation was queried and the feedback given to the Czech colleagues. In addition, Mrs. Domsel also took over the conflict management and was consulted when there were disagreements with German and English-speaking customers.

In order to show presence on the German market, trade fair visits were also organized and an exhibitions stand was supported. In order to give the German end customers a corresponding contact point, a German website was created as well as social media pages (facebook, Instagram, YouTube). On these pages, the customers should be given a first impression of the racetrack in order to draw attention to the events and special fan articles. The sale of merchandise and tickets was handled by the German representation after consultation with the Czech colleagues. In particular, facebook was used by end customers to make an easy and quick contact - in order to bind the fans won in the long term, was set in addition to the quick response to news on the implementation of small lotteries.

The measures taken by Mrs. Domsel not only led to a significant increase in awareness of the automotive industry in the German market, but also brought numerous German and English-speaking business customers to the race track in addition to more German end customers. The project lasted 2 ½ years and was successfully managed by Mrs. Domsel on an international level. It put the Autodrom Most in the position to handle the German customers nowadays from the Czech Republic competently and independently.
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