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Personnel Consulting / Headhunting / Social Media Recruiting

Personnel Consulting

Since 1998, we have advised companies on the search for and selection of specialists and executives as a personnel consultant. Our consulting services include the integral monitoring of the recruiting process, the definition of the position to be filled, the requirements, the finding process and the entire recruiting process up to the execution of assessment measures and the final setting of the suitable candidate.

Due to the changing market, the search for personnel is more complex than ever before which requires that we have to be very organized and structured from the beginning in order to be successful.

Since 1998 we are constantly adapting to the changes in personnel search and are also well prepared for the future.

Headhunting / Active Sourcing

As early as 1998, when we built up our personnel consultancy, there was already a lack of specialists in different sectors. We started in the field of IT and quickly realized that in this area the usual search based on advertisements placed in newspapers did not bring the desired success.

At this time we have further developed the method of headhunting. We have also been able to address possible candidates directly in hierarchical levels, and at that time this method has not been customary.

We belonged to the first personnel consultations which have operated directly.

Today we are absolute professionals in the field of headhunting / direct contact of the candidates. Due to our approach, we have a very high level of feedback and almost all persons who are addressed would like to remain in touch with us.


Social Media Recruiting

When we started in 1998, social media recruiting was not yet a topic in the field of recruiting. The world of search for personnel has changed in the last 20 years as much as hardly any other industry - except the IT industry itself.
Social media recruiting in connection with direct approach is now among the most successful methods of filling open vacancies.

The renewed drastic change in the labor market ensures that social media recruiting is given an even higher priority in recruitment. Without the right approach and appreciation of the potential candidates, it is now almost impossible to fill open positions adequately.

We are in an applicant market which means that the candidates no longer apply themselves to a company, but they want to be addressed or contacted.
Here you can read what the new Gallup study is writing about.
“More attention towards the applicants!”

Our team of today 10 permanent employees plus free project managers is able to assist you as a competent partner from individual assignments to the filling of a complete department.

We also provide the following services:
  • human resource development
  • vocational Training
  • personnel marketing
  • accompanying in the organization (development)
  • strategic and conceptual questions in the personnel work

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