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Case Study 2

Presentation and explanation of new products as well as the training of the European coaches with the aim of avoiding travel times and expensive hotel expenses of a German manufacturer.
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Introduction of an online training platform and training of all European coaches with the system and its handling. After it was certain that all national organizations are equipped with an online training system, an online training was developed, which ensures that the trainers of the individual national organizations are in a position to then carry out their own online training. Through the online training system, all coaches were involved and immediately trained and instructed.

Based on our experience with this system since 2009, we have been able to familiarize the trainers with the system in a 3-day seminar. With practical exercises and under our guidance, the handling and application of the system became routine for the trainers. Today, online seminars or VCTs regularly take place at this manufacturer and are part of the training repertoire.

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