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Project summary
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Mystery shopping

The aim was to explain the evaluation of the test to all car dealerships of this manufacturer in Germany after a mystery shopping test and to carry out a coaching measure at the failing car dealerships.
Project schedule
Over 800 dealers were tested. Only 8 weeks were scheduled for the coaching, because after these 8 weeks already another training module should be delivered. As a result, we needed a total of 12 coaches for this coaching. These were searched and trained by us.

The individual topics why a single car dealership failed were very different due to the extensive mystery tests. For all trainers and coaches involved in this training this meant that they started their training at a different point in each dealership and had to adapt to it. This high degree of flexibility and social competence played a major role in the selection of trainers and coaches.

The good preparation and the selection of suitable trainers and coaches have contributed to the fact that the coached and trained car dealers have passed the next mystery shopping test with flying colors.

In many car dealerships, our coaching measures changed processes and structures and that led to significantly improved processes.
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