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Case Study 1

Preparation of all automobile salesmen of a German car manufacturer for the launch of a new vehicle, with the aim of reducing the absence of salespeople in the auto house.

Project schedule
Preparation and implementation of an online training via VCT (Virtual Classroom Training): In close cooperation with the coaches who perform the live new car training, topics were discussed that were to be trained beforehand via a VCT. So the participants were prepared very well for the live training, since they were all already "online" with the new vehicle and all the related innovations made familiar. VCT training time = approx. 1.5 hours / training implementation = at work / travel time = none.

Since all salespeople came to live training with the same level of knowledge, the coaches could concentrate on experiencing the new vehicle. The participants all felt very well prepared and everyone knew what to expect. This ensured a high participation in the live training and it shortened the attendance by exactly one day.
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