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Project  summary
Automobile & Automotive
Market launch

The aim of this project was to familiarize all car dealers in Germany with the new car of this brand and the many different innovations in the field of powertrain, driver assistance systems and infotainment and to support a successful market launch.
Project schedule
Due to the size of this project, we have integrated further service providers and trainers. The number of participants amounted to nearly 2000 car salesmen. Special event locations and hotels had to be organized for this purpose.

The team from Domsel has planned the event with the product managers and the training manager and also defined the training contents. A 1.5 day event with one night and a motivational event in the evening was planned.
The trainers were searched by us and trained especially for the project. It is essential for such large projects which take place at several locations to provide a perfectly planned training session.

Due to our experience and the professionalism of all involved, the introduction of the new car was a complete success with grades between 1.1 and 2.0 from the participants and remarks such as: "Great event, I'll be glad to come back", "Super flow, I take a lot with me and I'm happy next time "," great team, keep it up ", etc.

We are fully aware of the responsibility of launching a new car and our entire team is always committed to ensuring success.

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