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Project summaries
 Personnel recruiting
“Construction manager“
As part of the search for personnel, our team relies on the extensive network that we have built up over the 20 years of our business. Through conscientious contact and the addressing of interesting candidates, this network is growing steadily. Another valuable recruiting resource is our Applicant Database where we always recruit qualified applicants to contact them at appropriate positions. As we also receive numerous unsolicited applications, candidates with a wide range of expertise are in our talent pool.

Our approach to active direct contact is characterized by a very respectful and appreciative dealing with the candidates. This includes that we offer various options for submitting the application documents (contact form, e-mail), send an acknowledgment of receipt within 48 hours at the latest and we are always available by telephone and in writing for further inquiries. In addition to the active direct approach, we use various online channels for the job posting. These include XING, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

At the same time we are always available for our clients starting with the job advertisement and through to the recruitment. Based on the individual wishes of our clients and our 20 years of experience, we create meaningful job descriptions and short profiles of applicants with all relevant data, which we forward to our clients for review. Upon request, we also produce Insights MDI® profiles for candidates in the shortlist. Find out more about staff selection with Insights MDI® here.

The following recruiting overview shows you how long we needed to fill the position "Project manager / architect for planning / project development" and how many candidates we actively requested to apply. Please note that this statistic does not represent an average occupation period, but is only a concrete project description. The period of time until the job is filled varies depending on location and region.

Result of approx. 10 weeks recruiting - project start june 2016
 Hiring of the candidate 01.09.2016
 About 35 candidates have been addressed
 10 feedbacks from the candidates

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